Baby Gift Baskets Elegant Treasures

Baby Gift Baskets Elegant Treasures

Baby Gift Baskets Elegant Treasures

Looking for an adorable newborn present? Send this adorable baby gift . Surrounded by satin and tulle, this classy & elegant re-useable wicker baby basket from Shop The Gift Basket Store is filled with items perfect for any occasion (including Christenings and Baptisms). Beautifully arranged in the basket are:

A small decorative pillow with a baby theme embroidered on the front

A “Lock of Hair” keepsake eyelet & ribbon cloth-bound heirloom pouch with plastic comb and record card

A cloth, elegant baby photo book & matching baby photo frame (holds 4″ x 6″ photo)

A 5″ plush ring rattle that baby will love holding

A pair of crocheted knit baby booties (size 0-6 months)

A “Baby’s Handprint Kit”

An 8″ soft Teddy Bear with sheer ribbon adornment

A 4″ plush animal toy

Four soft terry cotton washcloths

The finished gift basket is beautifully shrink wrapped.

The Secret to Dating Discovered

Copyright 2012 . The world has changed. Did you know that in the past three years 1 in 5 relationships has started on an online website? Not only that, but dating websites are responsible for 33% of second marriages! It is unbelievable to think more people today meet online than at bars and parties combined.

Today, online dating has become a huge, highly developed industry. If you haven’t tried it recently, you might be in for quite a surprise at how sophisticated and effective certain online dating services have now become.

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And one company in particular, has grown to become the pre-eminant online dating service.

So, why are so many intelligent, successful singles meeting other great singles online today?

Firstly, online dating lets you get to know the basics about someone before deciding if you want to invest any time in them. And, studies have proven that communicating online before meeting someone face-to-face significantly reduces the stress involved in your first meeting, leading to more great first dates.

The online dating process also lets people spot potential red flags before they set up a date. It sure beats getting involved with someone and then discovering something that’s a real deal-breaker for you.

And, contrary to what some may think, research has also shown that people are generally honest about themselves online. Most people know they will have to expose themselves at some point, so they choose to be honest, rather than disingenuous, when creating their online profiles.

Industry leader, which was launched in 1995, specializes in creating romantic opportunities so that singles are more likely to find someone special. Over the years, they’ve continued to refine their tools in order to take the lottery out of love.

One of the reasons the service is so successful is because they give singles the opportunity to express themselves and find potential online matches for free. They allow new members to set up a profile that can include up to 26 photos, as well as selected preferences regarding the person they’re searching for.

Then, tell a little about yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner and relationship. With the click of a mouse, you instantly get to see photos and read about potential matches in your area; all free and incredibly easy.

When you subscribe, you become entitled to view all the photos of singles you are interested in, send unlimited emails, and even see who’s been viewing your profile and shown an interest in you. You have more choices, more ways to connect, and more chances to find your love match. puts a lot of emphasis on member privacy and integrity. All communication between members on happens through an “anonymous” email network. The names and contact information of all members are kept confidential until the member personally decides to share the information with a potential match. And, every profile and photo is screened by the site before it’s posted online.

Who can you meet on People just like you, in your local area. But, also much more! members form a diverse, global community of singles who share common goals—to meet other singles, find dates, form romantic relationships, and meet life partners.

Bringing Home Your Newborn From the Hospital

By Gabriella Gometra
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The waiting and anticipation of the birth of a baby is an exciting time. The nine months it takes to create something so beautiful is worth the wait. It is worth the false alarms of Braxton-Hicks contractions. True labor contractions and needles from the IV are not fun but the baby is all worth it. The nurses coming in to look and poke at everything that was once private will not last long. The pushing out of a six to nine pound something with all the strength God gave is hard but after it is done the baby has arrived. After the baby’s birth there may still be some discomfort as the mom’s body adjusts back to normal. The baby has to go through some clean-up and tests. There is really no rest for mother or baby in the hospital. If it is a person’s first baby the nurses give information about how to change and feed the baby. Then in a couple of days or even less it is time to go home and start the adventure.

The nurses do not tell everything in the hospital. They tell the parents the basics of how the mom should take care of herself and get as much rest as possible. They do not tell about the baby crying and the parents trying everything to make the baby happy but nothing appearing to work, especially in the middle of the night when mom and dad are tired. If the mom has not returned to work but the dad has to get up early to provide for the family, the mom might want to consider staying up with the baby. The mom can sleep the next day whenever the baby sleeps. It seems easier said than done, especially if the mom is sensitive to light and the bright sun is telling her it is not time to sleep. The mom can try to keep the baby up in the daytime by letting in a lot of sunlight. Also making a lot of noise around the house to keep the baby from going into a deep sleep may work. The baby can take naps in the infant seat instead of laying down snug as a bug. It may be difficult the first several weeks to get the baby to get on a consistent schedule but it will change.

Doing other activities around the house like cleaning may seem nonexistent at this point. It is important for the parents of the new baby not to get overwhelmed with taking care of the baby and cleaning the house. The house should not be nasty but if it is a little out of order it is not the end of the world. The parents should focus on taking care of the mom and baby. Also if the baby has older brothers and sisters then that can be plenty to do. The older siblings have to adjust to the parents having a great deal of attention on the baby. The parents have to keep in mind that the older siblings have to get used to the new baby as well. They may want to pitch in and help by going to get a diaper or a blanket. Depending on the other kids’ ages they can help with chores around the house as well.

Bringing home the baby is an awesome time in a family’s life. It is not all about not getting sleep or getting anything done. It is a time to be joyful and thankful for the new addition to the family. Even through the seemingly stressful times the family still has to find peace and happiness. The family has to remember that the baby will not be a newborn forever and they will soon be wondering “where did time go” when the child starts to walk and talk.

Gabriella Gometra, stay-at-home mother and writer, builds sites on a diverse number of topics, such as parakeet bird cages and the victorian bird cage style.

Personalized Cubby Lovie Blanket for Baby Girl

Personalized Cubby Lovie Blanket for Baby Girl

Personalized Cubby Lovie Blanket for Baby Girl

When you want to send the new baby girl a gift that she will love from crib to college, may we suggest this cuter than cute blankey.

This adorable pink lovie blanket measures 14″ x 14″ and is the perfect unique and personalized baby gifts. The silk trim around the incredibly soft blanket is great for baby, especially once they start teething. The bear head and arms are right on top with an adorable little satin bow tie.

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How to Select A Gift For A Baby Girl

After selecting a
gender-neutral gift for the baby shower, the long-awaited event has arrived, and it’s a girl! Now it’s time to go nuts selecting the perfect gift for the precious newborn, and you can have so much more fun shopping because you now know whom you are choosing a gift for. Get your checkbook ready and think pink

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Need to send a welcome new baby gift basket? Visit Shop The Gift Basket Store for a wonderful selection of gifts for baby girls and baby boys.

Maybe Baby Educational DVDs don’t really work

Color me surprised. Another study has come out saying that educational videos for infants are not helpful, and in fact might be harmful. This latest study is set to be published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in May — and says that educational DVDs aimed at infants are not likely to help boost their word power.

Yes, I too am shocked (shocked!) that sticking your 1-year-old in front of the DVD player for an hour a day will not, in fact, turn her into a prodigy.

But, the APAM study is not the first of its kind — a study done almost three years ago by researchers at the University of Washington found similar results. Add that to an offer for refunds for the Baby Einstein videos this fall which, The New York Times notes, came after Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood complained to the Federal Trade Commission about marketing the videos as educational.

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The better question may be not whether infant educational videos are beneficial, but why parents keep buying them.

One possible reason is that they seem to work.

Here’s why: The videos are recommended for babies 12 to 24 months old, and 18 months is generally when a child’s vocabulary naturally picks up and he starts learning and using more words. At 18 months, a child’s grasp of language expands at a markedly faster clip — so much so that researchers from the University of Iowa who looked at language acquisition during that age termed it the period of “vocabulary explosion.” So, it’s likely parents do see their baby’s vocabulary beginning to build, even if it had nothing to do with the videos.

Researchers in the APAM study did note at least one correlation with vocabulary scores: Infants who watched DVDs scored lower on a vocabulary test as children. Next vocabulary word up: irony.

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The Baby Bunch at Shop The Gift Basket Store is pleased to announce that we now carry the adorable Baby Bunch. Combining practicality with presentation, The Baby Bunch’s line of baby gifts delights new moms and dads. Oh baby! The Baby Bunch is the cutest spin on baby gift baskets ever. Super soft, 100% cotton baby clothes are craftily rolled to look like a blooming bouquet of roses. Perfect for newborns, the Baby Bunch is safe for hospital delivery where ordinary flowers may not be permitted and makes an extraordinary baby shower gift basket. Pink for girls, blue for boys and yellow when you don’t know!

Organic Baby Bunches are a perfect pick for eco-minded parents. And with our latest launch – baby onesies rolled to look like cupcakes and lollipops, baby gifting has never been sweeter! Baby Bunch baby clothes include bibs, hats, socks, mitts, onesies, pajamas and t-shirts.

Baby Bunch Gifts

Baby Bunch Gifts